Volunteer with us!

The Bozeman Senior Center has a great, but small staff. On a daily basis, we look to our volunteers in helping us operate the center. Volunteers help with special events, deliver Meals-on-Wheels to homebound seniors, help our kitchen staff prep food, operate our Foot Clinic, manage the front desk, tutor in our computer center, and play a vital role in fundraising events.​

Please call the center at 586-2421 or email info@bozemanseniorcenter.org if you're interested!

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This is the evening of the volunteer dinner

Each volunteer is either a saint or a sinner

But regardless each one is a winner

None of them is a quitter

Nor is anyone bitter

All are go-gitters

Each Meals on Wheels driver

Could be called a sitter

They sit in their cars for miles on end

With construction going on

Wondering what’s around the next bend

Those who set the tables wash them off first

Their job though isn’t the worst

Some have to learn where to put the silverware

And figure out where to seat the mayor

When he comes to eat - which is rare

Those who set the tables often

Put a bonnet over their hair

And help dish up salads and desserts


Some volunteers answer the telephones

To help the office staff.

They dare not laugh

When things are slow

A few take a look

Find a book and read

Until someone has a need

When spring rolls around

Volunteers dig in the ground

To see what can be found

Do the work outdoors

When the sun shines and the rain pours

There’s magnificent flowers galore

So many jobs volunteers do

We thank the entire crew

Thank you, VOLUNTEERS !

We couldn’t do without YOU.

All the ice and snow When

WE think spring

What will the next day bring ?

But the volunteers’ voices ring

“ Warmer days are coming,” they sing 

Some Pics of Our Amazing Volunteers