Articles of interest: 

Coping with the Cost of Care: Often-Overlooked Tax Deductions and Tips for Seniors and Their Families

Seniors can reap big benefits in smaller homes by Jackie Waters
At a Loss: Helping an Elderly Loved One Make Decisions After a Spouse’s Death by Lucille Rosetti

The Senior-Friendly Guide to Medical Alert Systems

A helpful article to prepare seniors for emergencies.  

Consumer Affairs reviews for numerous Elder Care Planning tools

Retirement and senior living options, Home improvements for seniors, Everyday Services for independent living, End of life care planning,  

Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Lost Their Spouse and Caretaker: Now What?


How to Help a Loved One Cope with the Loss of a Spouse

When someone you love loses a spouse, your first instinct is to help. But the grieving process is a difficult one, unique to every person experiencing it.

Silver Resources


Some very helpful financial web resources:

Using the Medicare Plan FinderWhat’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities15 Best Work From Home Jobs for Retirees The Senior’s Guide to Paying for At-Home Long-Term Care: How Your Home Can Be a Great AssetYour Complete Guide to Burial InsuranceDisability Remodeling -- What is the Average Cost to Renovate?Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Life Insurance For SeniorsHow to Help Protect Older Adults from Telephone and Internet Scams

Senior Caregiver Alliance is a site dedicated to gathering resources for the elderly and their caregivers. 

Forgetters and Friends

Forgetters and Friends meets at the Senior Center on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 1:00pm.  This is a support group which shares information and experiences with memory loss or coping with dementia. Caregivers and partners meet separately for part of each session.

Reminiscing and Caregivers

After Forgetters and Friends, caregivers and partners are invited to participate in a support group on the 2nd Wednesday at 2:00 each month.  Share your stories, experiences, advice and questions with us.

This is the official State website for information regarding the Senior & Long Term Care Division.

Search for Resources, Find Results. At this website you can search for organizations, agencies and other groups that offer services to our seniors and adults with disabilities, as well as all caregivers across the lifespan

Wonderlust is a member-run organization offering lifelong learning opportunities for inquiring adults. There are no “requirements”. No grades. No papers. Wonderlust is simply learning for the sake of learning.

HRDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Action Agency
dedicated to building a better community through innovation and leadership. We provide programs and services in the areas of Housing, Food & Nutrition, Child & Youth Development, Senior Empowerment, Community Transportation, Home Heating–Energy–Safety, and Community Development.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS). CMS covers 100 million people through Medicare, Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Marketplace. CMS is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. This website has an abundance of information, including information regarding suspected Medicare/Medicaid fraud.