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At the Bozeman Senior Center, we believe staying fit and active is important.  Our professional instructors lead more than 20 fitness class options in addition to seasonal programs. We have two fully equipped exercise rooms located at the center (one for group classes and a workout room complete with weights and exercise machines). Please see class descriptions below. $10/month fee applies for exercise program

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide exercise programs for healthy adults 50 and over that include cardiovascular, strength, endurance, stretching, flexibility, balance, and mind/body coordination in a safe, nurturing environment.  We do not do physical therapy, but welcome all that have been released for exercise.  All classes are work-at-your-own-pace to take care of yourself.  We seek to promote fun and enjoyment.

Exercise Classes

Designed for seniors, these classes provide opportunities to achieve appropriate levels of activity from cardiovascular stimulation and endurance, strength training, improvement in posture, balance, mobility, flexibility, focus, and coordination, and even mental functioning. Most classes help with preventing falls. Members with arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms will extend range of motion and improve relaxation. All classes (appropriate for both men and women) encourage social interaction that promotes emotional, physical, and wellbeing.

Weight and Fitness Room

 Across from the exercise room, this area provides treadmills, stationary bicycles, an elliptical for impact-free cardio exercise, and nu-step seated ellipticals. There is a weight bench and free weights available here as well.


Seasonal Programs

At different point in the year, additional group fitness opportunities for pedometer walking, hiking, walking, snowshoe, cross country skiing keep seniors moving year round. 

Class  descriptions:

Strength Training: To prevent loss of or to increase bone density and muscle mass.  This is a weight-bearing program where each participant starts where he/she is comfortable and uses hand and leg weights to develop both upper and lower body strength. Cool down with stretches.

Gentle Aerobics:  For cardiovascular health, may be done sitting or standing.  After a warmup, ½ hour of aerobic activity at a leisurely pace. The second half includes a rotating variety-- strengthening with weights or elastic resistance tubing, mind/body coordination, balance, flexibility, stretching, balls.

Aerobics Plus:  Same format as Gentle Aerobics, but with aerobic segment standing and at a faster pace.  Again, the second half includes a rotating variety of activities to address all-over body fitness.   


Core Strength:  Floor exercise on a mat emphasizing core strength of abs, back, legs. Some weights and large ball may be used.

Yang T’ai Chi:  Based on the theories of Chinese medicine and Chinese defensive martial arts, this beneficial exercise is characterized by a flow of slow, deliberate, smooth movements using the breath and relaxing music. Learning the choreography of the long form improves balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, focus, and relaxation.

T’ai Chi for Mind and Body:  This healthful program is designed to relieve arthritic discomfort and achieve greater mobility and balance through the slow and gentle movement of all joints and muscles. Students experience improved coordination, concentration, balance, and flexibility.  Learning the form stimulates the brain, relaxes the body, and helps prevent falls.

Balance:  This class focuses on strength and flexibility movement to enhance good posture and balance. Fun and challenging "obstacle" courses challenge participants to move with proper alignment and balance, which helps enhance movement for daily living.

Multi-level Yoga:  Our Monday practice is a one hour class based on classic Hatha Yoga asanas or poses that is appropriate for all levels. We focus on physical, mental and spiritual balance as we practice poses that challenge and enhance posture and balance, strength, and flexibility. Benefits of yoga include relaxation and inner peace, self-awareness, increased flexibility, joint mobility, muscle strength and tone, energy, improved respiration and circulation, improved posture and balance, and improved cardio, heart, and metabolic health.

Seasonal Programs:


Hiking Program:  This program begins in June and runs through September. The program is designed for those 50 and up. It is a great way to enjoy the short warmer months while spending time with friends and meeting new people.  


The Hiking group meets at the Senior Center on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 a.m.  We carpool to the trail head.  The hikes are designed to start at lower elevations and work up to higher elevations by the end of the season.  The goal is to be back to the center for lunch.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Contact us: 406-586-2421

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