Centennial Park Early Childhood Learning Program



FAX 406 586 7739


807 N. Tracy Bozeman, MT 59715

The Centennial Park Early Childhood Learning Program is a year round preschool open between 7:30am-5:30pm Monday - Friday (Closed on major holidays + a winter break).


We are a licensed family/group preschool registered with the DPHHS. .


Centennial Park Early Childhood Learning Program offers Playful Learning curriculum, focusing on soft cognitive skills/social skills.  We incorporate Reggio’s project approach and artistic expression along with Waldorf’s creative and socio dramatic play, gardening and cooking, and observing the cycle of seasons.

      Our encouraging classroom focuses on democratic skills, respectful and friendly to all.  Daily, we use Spanish and incorporate music and movement, yoga, and basic life skills. We explore nature in our park and have a patio that is an extension of the classroom, giving children year round access to the outdoors, sand, water, and soil play and exploration.  We walk across the street to visit fairground events.

      For field trips, we ride the local bus system visiting our community and exploring.  We interact with seniors daily, watching them carve wood, paint, and be active.  We entertain our seniors with seasonal programs, singing, dancing, dramatic performances, poetry recitations, and fun stuff!


Playful Learning, soft cognitive skills/social skills

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, focusing, finishing what we start

Emerging literacy skills; listening, speaking, reading, writing

Self-help skills, physical activity, fine and gross motor skills

Music, song, dance, movement, ASL, Spanish

We incorporate Reggio’s project approach and artistic expression,

Waldorf’s creative and socio dramatic play, gardening and cooking

Our encouraging classroom focuses on democratic skills, finding solutions together to solve conflicts with friendly respect to all.


Teacher education: see outside door display for details.  Teachers have BA and AA in Education and Early Childhood Education and current teaching certificates.


Group size:  up to 12 children in the early morning

                     Up to 16 between 9:30 and 12:30 ( half time children attend)

                     Up to 12 in the afternoon


Staff to child ratio: 2 teachers to 12 children in early morning

                             3 teachers to 16 children from 9:30 to 12:30

                             2 teachers to 12 children in the afternoon

PLUS, several regular parent volunteers, and community volunteers. All have yearly State Background and Health Check.


Meals served family style: Breakfast snack  9 am   Hot lunch  11:55

  Afternoon snack  3 pm


DPHHS Licensed     Current prices:   full day- $36  

 Half day =  9:30 to 12:30    -    $22           registration fee - $35

Centennial Park ECLP Daily Schedule


7:30 – 8:55            arrive/wash hands/ sign-in/ art/ activity/ invitation/ free play


8:55 – 9:00            clean up/wash hands


9:00 – 9:25            snack family style, transition to books on big carpet/ or finish a project


9:25 – 9:30            books on big carpet


9:30 – 9:40            Big circle/singing/greeting/weather/calendar/yoga/exercise

                                Demonstrate a first choice/ review guidelines


9:40 – 9:50           Transition to small circles to listen to each other, Guest Miss Carol for singing with piano


9:50 – 10:40         free choices, all centers open and patio/ possible visit to senior activity


10:40 – 11:00       clean up/bathroom/drinks/gather at carpet / prep for going outside/ journals on tables


11:00 – 11:35       outside time (weather permitting), gross motor activities


11:35 – 11:45       transition to inside/circle/song/movement/story/finger plays, lunch prep


11:45 – 11:50       bathroom/ wash hands/ transition to lunch in dining hall


11:50– 12:30        lunch in big dining hall with seniors, (occasional dessert in park)


12:30 -  12:45       journals/writing/cutting/tracing/ books on carpet


12:45-   1:10         table toys/patio/projects/ possible park or walk


1:10 – 1:20            clean up, bathroom, drinks, rest mats out


1:20 – 1:30            circle/finger plays/breathing/hand lotion/story time


1:30pm – 2:30      independent quiet time, rest time/nap/2:00 non-sleepers do quiet activities

                                Small group work with teacher, books, independent quiet time


2:30 ---  3 pm        drinks/bathroom/hand washing/ snack family style/transition to carpet with books


3:00 – 3:30            circle/movement/finger play/song/story/prep for outside/bathroom check/drinks


3:30 – 4:30            outside or big exercise room for large motor exercise, 4:30 DOORS LOCKED


4:30 – 5:10            first choice of centers that are open and patio


5:10– 5:20            clean up, gather things, books on carpet,


5:30                        school closes, be out door by this time, THANK YOU


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